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Drone Services & ROC Support

Being an Industry leader and pioneer, Stablegen offers top-notch quality drone services for clients and  ROC support for both hobbysts and professionals in the drone space.

Stablegen Drone Academy ROC Support Services

ROC Support

We offer support for clients and professionals e.g. drone import permits, KCAA permits, drone pilots, drones etc

Stablegen Drone Academy- Drone Surveillance Services

Drone Surveillance

We offer drone surveillance services using the latest available tech and professional pilots.

Stablegen Drone Academy Land Mapping Services

Land Mapping

Land Mapping and Surveying has become easier with the use of drones, and we have trained professionals available to undertake any project in this scope. 

Stablegen Drone Academy- Drone Photography Services

Photography & Videography

We provide aerial drone photography and videography services to fil makers and events as well.

Stablegen Drone Academy Aerial Survey Services

Aerial Survey

We provide aerial survey for clients in real estate, farming etc

Stablegen Drone Academy  -  Agricultural SprayingServices


We provide agricultural solutions using drones eg. Drone Spraying and drone seed dispersion.

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